Collaborative Vision Creation

Our work is inherently collaborative. We believe that diverse groups, embodying a range of perspectives and experience create more robust and resilient futures, and are better able to address unintended consequences.

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Contextual Research

We begin our engagements with a process of listening, based on a combination of ethnographic research and appreciative inquiry. We want to understand the current state and recent history in order to design for the habitual roadblocks, identify the emerging bright spots, and build a coalition of allies.

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Horizon Scanning and Weak Signals

We consider the wider field and interesting analogous field examples. Using trend and demographic research, and physical and virtual learning journeys,  we explore and assess the ways in which the field and the local context are changing, including the 'weak signals' of change and emerging ideas.

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Exploring Scenarios

We create vivid scenarios of possible futures, and engaging processes for exploring them. We take the results of these explorations and distil them into final drafts of the ideal future

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Creating Artifacts

We create artifacts to capture the spirit of the vision.

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Stress-Testing Emerging Ideas

We design group processes to vet the draft ideas as they emerge and evolve.

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Making it Happen - Strategic Planning


Making it Happen - Prototyping


Sustaining Change - Coaching